Another Saturday, Another Train

When I used to “ride the rails” regularly, before the days of smart phones I would sit at a table on the train and attempt a descriptive prose, sometimes a wandering stream of consciousness effort.  Written in a small hardback notebook with a proper pen and everything.

Invariably, it was not good.

The only one I remember was about a woman that was sat opposite me for a journey, despite the heat in the train she wore a sweater with a pretty bunny rabbit stitched on it. It was especially rude about her, all I really remember was “yay bunnies”.

Thankfully the trains have been much improved and I rather appreciate that I no longer have to use them regularly.

Today however we are on a journey that would take 25 minutes in the car and cost much less than the thirteen pounds I have just spent on tickets for two of us.

You may well ask why I am in the train then? That, is a very good question with a very simple answer.

I forgot to get the car MoT tested when it was due yesterday so can’t legally drive it on the road…


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