Those that know me, know me.  Those that don’t, might get to.

I have a twitter presence (@yesthatfinch) and am on Facebook and Instagram.  This is a place for me to share random shit.  Some shit will make sense, some shit won’t.  Thanks for being here.

You may (or may not!) have previously known me as Collin or Cornell Finch (of cornellfinch.com).  I allowed cornellfinch.com to lapse as it was costing me money that I didn’t need to spend.  Hence, here I am, a clean start, no history, no BS, just me.

I am here because I enjoy writing (even if nobody reads), sharing snippets, rants, humour (in my humble opinion of what’s funny) and similar.

I am into biking, Geocaching, nerding (check out the post below if you don’t believe me), TV, music, electronics, and woodturning amongst other, oft forgotten pastimes and hobbies.

Stick around, it will be great to have you.  Or don’t.  The choice is entirely yours!