The Next Big Evil, Arriving 2018

Doom monger’s delight:

Napoleon and Hitler were born 129 years apart. They came into power 129 years apart. They declared war on Russia 129 years apart. They were defeated 129 years apart

Hitler was born April 20, 1889. 129 years will be 2018. He is coming.

One minor issue with this.  Why does it have to be a “he”?  Why does it have to be human at all?

If it is a human that’s born in 2018 then we will have around 30 years before they manifest.  I am OK with that, assuming I am still alive I will be in my 70s.

If it’s not a human but a Superintelligent AI that has the capability to infect the humans (none of that mundane “the robots are taking over!” here) and each human then infects another human.  Every infected human is under the complete control of the AI which is not necessarily “evil” but “deviantly mischevious” and screws with everything….

Just me then?