The Diet


I mounted the scales in the bathroom, clad in nothing more than boxer shorts and socks – they were clean on – to see if I was maintaining my svelte 17 stone.

Knowing that I should really put down the fork, leave the chocolate in the fridge and refrain from the Fizz Whizz and Wham bars that mysteriously appear in the office every week, I was fairly over-optimistic of my weight.  I was prepared for a couple of extra pounds.

Thirteen.  Yes, thirteen extra pounds.  One more pound and the seven would become eight. Depression set in somewhat rapidly followed by a desire to “do something about it”.

img_1970What does any good nerd do?  Yep, turn to tech and download an app to assist with (at least) tracking what I eat.  So, that’s what I did.  MyFitnessPal came to my rescue and after after thirty minutes or so of figuring out what I was supposed to do I started tracking.  I stopped the chocolate (normally three or four bars a day), the crisps (at least one pack a day), the fizzy drinks (at least one can a day, the extra snacks and everything.

So far I am achieving the daily limit that I have set.  The application works out what your calorie count should be dependent on what you have set.  I told it I want to lose 1.5 pounds per week.

That (as you can see on the right) gives me a daily limit of 2,100 calories.  Thankfully it takes into account exercise too, read from either my iPhone or Holly my Apple Watch.

Yesterday I went to “complete your diary” and it actually told me that I hadn’t eaten enough.  I had only consumed about 1,100 calories of food.  The app recommended that I have a minimum of 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day. So, even after half a Hawaiian pizza and salad, I had half a pack of these boys:82850_Caramac-Giant-Buttons-resized

Here’s to next week’s weigh in, hopefully I will see a reasonable drop from 17 stone 13 pounds*!


*that’s 251lb for those of an imperial bent…


Sometimes I realise I am *That* nerdy!

So, I purchased an Apple Watch (the cheaper 42mm Apple Watch Sport) and once I had figured out how to work it, this was the first photo I thought of.

Red Dwarf is awesome but Holly is epic!