Two Months Later (Almost) – Running Update

So, it has been almost two months since I wrote anything here.  You may be forgiven for thinking I have given up on this diet and exercise lark and gone back to couch potato.

Oh, dear readers (both of you!), you couldn’t be more wrong.  Strength, to strength, to strength!  Where to start?  At the interesting bit of course!

I now weigh (as of this morning) a slender 12 stone 10lb – 178lb or 80.73kg.  Let’s just step back a mo.  I started at 17 stone 13lb (251lb or 114kg).  That’s 5 stone 3lb (73lb or 33.11kg) gone.  Let me shout that again:


As you can imagine, I am rather happy with that!  Proof:

A Tale Of Two Bodies
A Tale of Two Bodies…

On the left was me in 2015.  Yes, I was pulling a face for effect (I think I was geocaching and broadcasting on Periscope at the time.

On the right was me just after 30 minutes on the dreadmill while on holiday in Scotland.

Speaking of Scotland,  the C25K training didn’t stop just because I was away.  I was determined to continue the training and while two runs were in the gym I really wanted to run outside.  Week 9 Day 1 of the programme saw me running outside, beside the River Tay at North Inch in the middle of the city.

River Tay
Not the most flattering photo, but, I had just run 6km!

I finished the C25K program the next week with three objectives:

  1. Travel 5K (using interval run/walk technique)
  2. Run 5K without walking.
  3. Run 5K in less than 30 minutes.

Let’s jump forward a little to last Saturday (29 July 2017) when I achieved the third (also confirming 1 and 2 were complete) in 28 minutes 28 seconds:

My Second Parkrun
My Second Parkrun

So, what’s next?  Bridge to 10K?  Nope, my run last night proved that I can do that…

I was stupid. I shouldn’t have run this far!

Yes, you read that correctly.  12 kilometres or 7.4 miles.  If It Ain’t On Strava It Didn’t Happen!

So, next up is a half marathon.  Yes, 13.1 miles.  that’s almost twice what I ran yesterday and to be honest I am slightly bricking my load (and that’s nothing to do with weightless!) about this.  I will be using Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon Training which starts on 28 August with a rest day.  Good huh!  Between now and then it’s building on the mileage and enjoying the running.

By the way, if you are local to me and want to come laugh at me on the day, it’s Gosport Half Marathon on 19 November.

You can follow me on Strava too – would be great to have you along for the run.

Wish me luck!


I Am Smee – I Lost My Marbles

If you had said to me one year ago that I would be losing weight, starting running and having to spend hundreds on new clothes I would have laughed you out the door.

And yet, as I approach one year on my weight loss program I have lost 4 stone 10 pounds (66lb or 30kg), I have had to purchase a whole new wardrobe (and will have to do so again if I lose too much more weight) and, part way through the Couch to 5K (link to NHS Choices C25K) running program, I can (interval) run 5k in around 35 minutes.

Saucony Guide 10I have purchased “proper” running shoes – Saucony Guide 10, more running tops than I know what to do with and this morning I ran an extra run.  Yes, I broke the program and instead of having a rest day today, I completed Week 5 Day 3 (referred to as “hell day” amongst those on the program) for the third time.  Week 5 Day 3 (W5D3) is the first real milestone for any C25K runner.  Now you understand why I say I lost my marbles!

The thing about rest day though is that it’s all a mental block.  When you start the program (W1D1) you’re running for just sixty seconds.  You then get to walk for sixty seconds and then run for sixty seconds again.  That is hard enough for most people at the beginning.  They will finish their run, boast about it on Facebook or Reddit (R/C25K is a fantastic sub by the way) and then start looking at what’s coming.  Okay, week two is ninety seconds run, two minutes walk.  Week three, week four are similar, and day one and two of week 5 are not too bad.  You feel like you might just about manage it, then you notice day 3:

c25k Week 5

What the actual ***???  There’s no way that I will manage that!

This is where it becomes all mental.  You have spent five weeks training for this moment.  Physically you ARE ready.  Mentally though, twenty minutes might as well be an hour.  Or four.

Now, here’s the thing.  I was supposed to run W5D2 last Wednesday.  I was a little distracted as I was heading out the door, pressed the start button on the NHS C25K app (Link to NHS iOS app) and out I went.  It was only when Jo Whiley said “you’ve been running for five minutes, keep going” that I realised that I was running the bastard D3.  I could do nothing about it without screwing with the app, losing tracking and starting again, so, I kept going.  I ignored the tracking, took the encouragement from the app and listened to some awesome tunes as distraction. And I did it!

Completely by accident I had completed hell day.

Kaptain Karrimor

To get me back on track I needed to do it again on Friday.  So I did. (link to the Strava tracking)  In new running shoes.  And I set a new PR for half mile, 1km and mile.  When compared to people that have been running a while the times were crap, but, this is me.  Ex 18 stone sedentary smoker ran a mile in 9 minutes 16 seconds.

Then I ran it again on Sunday morning.  Yes, that’s three times I have completed the so called hell day.  It’s all mental.  Get over it, get your runners on, stick some music in your ears and go do it!