I’m Forever Blowing Baubles

On Wednesday the 30th we (myself, my wife and our friend) made a two hour journey to The Glass Hub near Stowbridge in Wiltshire.  We were booked in for a short glass blowing course to make baubles at the studio.

Arriving excited we were quickly offered a brew and we watched while the previous attendees finished up their baubles.  Fairly soon after it was our turn and I was barely able to contain myself.

Re-heating the glassI have seen glass blowing on a number of occasions, I think the first time was in Gozo in 1994, and then in various places, mostly touristy, when visiting.  It’s one of those fascinating crafts that takes skill, patience and speed.  But not as much speed as I expected!

The pace of actually making the bauble was such that the instructor was able to chat and explain what we were doing at each stage and what would happen next.

Choosing colours was the first issue for me, so many to choose from.  I eventually went for a blue base with white flecks and silver sparkles.

These were rolled onto the bauble in three stages, twice into the blue and then white and then silver, re-heating the bauble between each roll.  Then onto the rolling and actual blowing, which took much less effort than I expected, a controlled blow with the instructor controlling shape and the movement with her hands and a pair of tongs.

img_2657The whole process took about 20 minutes and at the end the bauble disappeared into a cooling kiln for a controlled cooling for 18 hours.  Due to the cooling time we were obviously unable to bring the baubles home with us but they should arrive via the postal service on, hopefully, Monday.

We made five baubles in all (Pam made three!) in our short two hours that we were there.  The only downer for the whole day was an accident on the A36 in Salisbury which made the drive home over three hours.

If you have ever fancied glass blowing then these guys and girls are awesome and I would highly recommend a visit! We all left saying that we will definitely be back for a longer course when the weather is better and we can camp over.

According to the website they do glass slumping and glass fusion too.  I am really trying not to look on the internet at the price of furnaces and cooling kilns…