Risking The Morning Commute

So, for the first time (this year), this morning I actually needed to make use of the headlight on my motorbike coming to work.  ‘Big deal’ you might think.  ‘Whoop-de-do’.  I would agree with you, but for a couple of minor points:

  • I started “early” this morning, had to be at work for 0700.  I won’t normally ride the bike on an “early” shift.  This may be a habit formed from the extremely loud pipes when I had my Harley.  Starting the bike at 0630 is quite loud and I worry that the neighbours are going to complain.  The Teapot (above) isn’t as loud as the Harley but it isn’t quiet either!
  • I wasn’t really awake and it was still dark.

Thankfully the commute is about 8 minutes on a bad day.  No incidents to report on the whole three mile journey.

The sun came out this morning and I decided that I could take the “long” (about 20 minutes) ride home and enjoy the bike.

Now it’s raining.  F***!

I might just go for the longer ride anyway, I can always get changed at home.  I hate arriving at work wet as I don’t tend to bring spare clothes to work and I would then have to work (hahahahaha….) in wet clothes for the day – or at least until they dried.

Still better than bringing the car in though!