Improving “New” Top Gear

Update at the bottom of the post…

I fear I may be in the minority here, but I actually rather enjoyed the new series of Top Gear. The old one was getting tired, two sheep following an idiot, mucking about, insulting each other (and other people) with a (seeming) basic lack of responsibility.  Each season got “bigger” or “sillier” as they progressed.  If they hadn’t left, where the hell would they have taken another season??
When the new team premiered a few weeks ago I was interested to watch, despite what the rest of the world thought.  Evans was his usual over the top childlike excitable self, speaking loud enough to make the hangar echo while the others just got on with it.  I said at the time that the team needed time to settle in and get to know each other and that has certainly worked for most of them.  As they finished the show last night they seemed to be fairly settled and working better together.

There’s a couple of things I would like to see change for the next series though.


Presenter changes:  Lose Chris Evans, Eddie Jordan and The Stig.

Let Matt LeBlanc run the show with the other three, give them more screen time both studio and VT and I think everyone will be happier.

My reasons:

  • Chris Evans adds very little to the flow of the show.  His excitable and sometimes childish nature grates with lots of people.  Oh, and for someone with so much money, I really wish he would put some effort into his clothes.  He wore those same boots every episode.  Scruffy bugger.  This is the BBC don’t you know?!
  • Eddie Jordan?  Why the hell is he there in the first place?  He add literally nothing of substance to the show.  He should bugger off back to F1.  Oh, wait, they didn’t want to pay him as much as he asked either…
  • The Stig – old news, old format.  Yes, have a racing driver that is able to do lap times, have it as a named person that is able to add to the show as well.  Why not Sabine Shmitz?  She is a racing driver, even if 90% of her experience is on the “‘Ring”.
  • I heard a rumour that Matt LeBlanc said he would not return if Chris Evans was still there.  I would rather see Matt run the whole show with support from Chris H, Rory and Sabine.

Format changes:  Lose the celebrity interview.  Kind of feels like an episode of TFI Friday and I didn’t used to like the segment when Clarkson was presenting it either.

As I said, I enjoyed the season, watched every episode and have no major complaints. But then, I don’t have Amazon Prime and won’t be able don’t want to watch Top Gear Two The Grand Tour…

Update – stage one is complete, Chris Evans has stepped down…