I Feel Dirty

0700 23 June 2016.

About to set off for work I thought I would have a quick check of Facebook to catch the latest “news”.  What I saw broke something in me.  There were a stream of messages with this type of text:

If you are voting remain unfriend me now


If you are voting leave unfriend me now

There were other posts about the OP not caring what people say, their mind was made up and they were going to vote leave/remain.  These posts were coming from people that in real life I would consider level headed and educated people.  I know most of the people I have as friends on Facebook in real life and am happy to know them.

This?  This was the breaking point for me.

Ordinarily I was accepting of the banality of social media and people checking in, whining about their dinner or whatever, but Brexit divided the nation so completely that Facebook essentially just exploded and if I didn’t do something then so would I.

So, I logged out, deleted the app from my phone and absolutely refused to visit.  So, what happened?  Nothing.  Not a damned thing.  Nobody even noticed.  Nobody has contacted me asking if I am OK, phoned me to find out what happened or anything.  My wife keeps asking me if I have seen this or that or the other and my response is always “no”.  The only reason I haven’t completely deactivated my account is because I need access to be able to update the UK Geocaching Podcast page on the site.  Give it a couple of months and that will change.  The podcast is ending and I will no longer need to update the page.  I can deactivate my account.

1600 19 July 2016

Mrs Finch has gone to the doctor and I got on the computer.  I thought I would have a quick look and see what’s happening on Facebook.

Complete confirmation that the keyboard warriors (I can say that with confidence as nobody that posted the horrible messages have been that nasty to my face) have got back in their box and the banality has returned.  I just can’t be bothered to participate.  So, when the Podcast is done my Facebook account will be deactivated.

For now, I am off for a shower.