Busy Busy Busy

As I suspect for everuone that makes/crafts, the run up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year.  Generally I will spend just a couple of hours a week at the lathe during Monday to Friday and then depending on want I will spend a Saturday or Sunday in the workshop.

Since the beginning of December I have been in the workshop most evenings, whether it’s for pens or bowls for commissions, pens for stock or the rare occasion when I get to make/try something new.

All orders for Christmas now complete, I have one pen left to make for a family gift.  I have been playing with making snowmen and other Christmas related turnings.  Well, I say “men”, I have made two snow people this year.  I started with with the standard snowman with a top hat and he lonely.  I named him Horace and made him a wife during the same week.  She is called Mrs Wimp.  I haven’t taken photos of them yet, I will when I have some light and time.

I also got some time to play with the Joyner Off Centre jig that I received a while ago from the Ruth Niles website.


It took me a couple of hours of playing to get the pendant you see above, and it proved to me that I need to be even more accurate with the placement of and the depth of the cut. For a first attempt though, I am happy with this.

Final play for the moment is the hanging bauble below.


The top and bottom are dyed beech, I have no idea what the wood is in the middle.  I actually made two top and bottom finials, the first ones were too chunky (bottom) or too small (top) and just didn’t look right.

During Christmas week I am aiming to complete a project “challenge” that Martin over at The Black Dog Workshop set for the workshop members yesterday.  I won’t give it away, but it’s not a christmas ornament!


Pen Maker

If you have visited the homepage of this site then you may have noticed some strange photos appearing in my feed from Instagram.  These are the pens that I make as a hobby.

I make quite a variety of pens in both wood and acrylic, fountain, roller, and pencils.   Here’s a few examples of my pens:

You can click any image for a larger version.

If you’re interested in any of these pens then please visit me over at my dedicated website Turning French.  I am still working to get the site up and running fully but there will be type information and pricing as soon as I can do it.  You can also contact me through that site.